Season Start Date

Out of Season:

  • Out of season activities must be sponsored by an agency not under the authority of the CIF as specified in Bylaw 504.7 and 504.9h. If this option is chosen, the use of school equipment is not permitted, any facility usage must be approved by the school district administration, and the group must provide proof of insurance. 

Intramurals :

  • An intramural sport season prior to the official opening date of any activity shall be limited to twenty school days in length.  The intramural sport season must meet the following criteria:
    A. A coach shall not provide instruction during the intramural season.
    B. Notice of an intramural season shall be posted in the school.
    C. An intramural season shall be open to all students of a school.
    D. During an intramural season students may be organized into leagues/tournaments.
    E. Parent approval must be obtained before a student may participate.


  • Summer (see Bylaw 501F, G & 504.7b, c & 504.9i): From June 1 (with the exception of Bylaw 1903.2) until the first day of fall practice. Therefore, all athletic activities during this time period shall be under the authority of each league/school.
  • All football activities must meet the provisions of the CIF.

Last Contest Date:

  • The last contest date is the last day permissible for any regular season competition, practice or activity in that sport as determined in the sport calendar. 

2023-2024 School Year 

Fall Sports begin August 7

Winter Sports begin October 30

Spring Sports begin February 5

Start of Summer Period June 1